The Haldimand County Area

Re/max Riverside Realty Inc. services a large and that has some of the most diverse and beautiful property in all of Canada.

Our service area stretches all the way from Niagara Falls, down to Fort Erie, all the way East as Seneca/Oeida, and as far North as Hamilton and Stoney Creek. No matter where you’re looking to call home we can find your dream home.

From quiet and tight knit small town living to the hustle and bustle of city living we can find a property for anyone. Rich in heritage and a strong culture is evident in the fairs and events that go on year round. The area boasts many friendly markets, restaurants and shopping districts to make sure you’re never bored, no matter where you may be.

There are countless activities to take part in year round such as; fishing, camping, golfing, swimming, hiking, and sports car events.

Don’t miss the scenic drive along the Grand River & Lakeshore while visiting one of the many shops, museums or historical attractions that fill the area.

It’s a Grand area to be a part of, let Re/max Riverside Realty Inc. show you what you’re missing.

Some Areas We Love Doing Real Estate In The Haldimand County Are:


Dunnville has a community of approximately 12,000 people and is nestled right at the mouth of the Grand River and along the shores of Lake Erie. Dunville’s known for it’s quiet and peaceful rural lifestyle and it’s notorious Mudcast festival. During the summer time vacationers take full advantage of the two conservation campgrounds and the abundance of cottages to lay back and relax in.

Picture of Dunville


Cayuga is located alongside the Grand River, west of Dunnville. Many will spend the weekends fishing in the great fishing spots and many will flock to Cayuga for Cayugafest, the annual small town festival. Cayuga also has a rich history which is showcased by the old courthouse, Cayuga St N, and the museum. Being situated just south of Hamilton, many people are making Cayuga home because of its affordability and fast commute, making it a great place to invest or call home.

photo of cayuga


Caledonia is the largest town in Haldimand County. Connected with Highway 6, the town has grown immensely in recent years. Especially with recent developments such as Empire Homes adding 3000 new family homes to the area. The town is wrapped around the ground river which splits the town in half. It’s versatility as a town is shown through the many old & new amenities, restaurants, and stores. It is a great place to buy a home and raise a family.

We also love finding our clients deals in Hamilton and the Niagara region! Ask any of our talented realtors to find you your dream home and they won’t have any trouble in this picturesque region of Ontario.